Kutcher, The GoldenDoodle, is my therapy dog companion.  Kutcher was born in September 2013 and arrived to join my practice in November 2013.  Kutcher has been through several rounds of obedience training and is in the process of being a fully certified therapy dog.  Kutcher is hypoallergenic due to his "hair" and lack of "fur".  Kutcher looks forward to meeting you and comforting every client he meets!


Flying High Farm, Lunenburg, MA is a private mental health practice dedicated to children and adolescent.  Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Play Therapy are the backbone of their program.  Their animals supplement, enhance, and assist in those interventions, hence “animal-assisted psychotherapy”.  All therapy sessions include animals.  Through the therapeutic power of animals, the clinicians at Flying High Farm work closely with individuals to build their self-esteem, build rapport, increase motivation for change, develop and practice positive behaviors and skills, promote effective communication and more.  For more information on their practice visit:  http://www.flyinghighfarm.com/home.html